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Self Empowerment via Life Coaching Sessions and Spiritual Inner-work

Hello Soul Friend! 

About Me


What I do

I have certifications as a Self-Mastery Coach and a Spiritual Life Coach with  degrees through Holistic Learning Center. (CSMC, CSLC)

I work with spiritually awakened individuals (via phone-sessions or in person) to teach Advanced Life Skills, which promotes self EMPOWERMENT, through SELF-reliance, when navigating  specific and general areas of  life. I teach, in depth, the Laws of the Universe, and HOW To Use Them in your life. 

I help you to CREATE the PERMANENT BEHAVIORAL CHANGE you seek, by teaching you how to identify and dis-create the blocks {negative beliefs} you have, that are stopping you from reaching a prolonged sense of happiness, your goals, and a higher potential. 


To those seeking self-empowerment, I am committed to: confidentiality, the state of presence, the energy of love and the absolute highest integrity. 

My intent for the co-creation process is to help my clients create a balanced and productive life by delivering 

Self-mastery Exercises

 in a safe, focused and loving manner.

I am committed to the truth that self-empowerment originates from one's personal truth and that the purpose for transforming one's human identities is to actualize one's divine potential.


I pledge to provide superior Holistic service and training, which support the raising of a global consciousness. 


How I am different and what sets me apart from other life coaches and traditional counseling.

The First Healing Intention:

  • Help you to surface your unconscious beliefs, by teaching you to tap into your innate multi-sensory abilities... because YOU CAN'T "FIX" WHAT YOU CAN'T SEE! 

    The Second Healing Intention:

  • To RECONNECT YOU WITH YOUR INTUITIVE FEELINGS. (with a very powerful tool ...The language of Feelings). I will teach you how to do feeling exercises that will increase your intuitive powers... because YOU CAN'T HEAL WHAT YOU ARE UNWILLING TO FEEL!   

The Third Healing Intention: 

  • To teach you how to do clinically tested corrective exercises, until you create the permanent behavioral changes you seek. Once you SEE your truth, (1st healing intention) and FEEL what you have emotionally denied, minimized, repressed or transmuted,(2nd healing intention) I will instruct you how to EMOTIONALIZE  Universal Laws (truth, what is)... because when you learn how to emotionalize your truth, your behavior will change and the blueprint will be permanent!


I have completed a vigorous certification curriculum that is based upon 3 decades of research and successful spiritual life coaching clinical field testing. 

I use a proven coaching training system, tools and subjective measuring techniques which help you quickly achieve your self-help goals... 

and see the results for yourself. 

I study your unique case history so I can co-create a Self-program formula designed specifically for you, so that the work you put into you will align you with the power to consciously create your desires. 

During your first few sessions I will facilitate five different self-help diagnostic exercises, that will swiftly determine your most important self-help objectives create permanent behavioral change! 


More information about working with me

I am about to launch new programs with very special pricing to make it affordable, for people who are ready, to work with me! Please stay tuned, or better yet, subscribe below and you will be the first to know when my my new offer is ready as well as,  links to free content! 

Contact Us

Feel free to call, email, or text me with any inquiries or to set up an appointment.

While I do have a physical office, I "see" most of my clients via phone sessions.  This allows me to help people all over the world, not just those who are local to my area! 

Totally You Life Coaching

112 North Main St. Oneida NY 13421

(315) 361-4257


By appointment

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